Eddie Cortes is a youth motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience in the youth market. While his message is empowering, Eddie greatest value is his ability to engage middle and high school students. He understands their culture, speaks their language, and is able to connect his message with their reality.

Over the past two year Eddie has been gaining popularity in school districts across the US for his fun and creative school assemblies. His enthusiasm and passion are contagious. Eddie’s ability to captivate middle and high school students with humor and creative storytelling will draw your students to the edge of their seats. His honest, real and thought-provoking approach will challenge teens to rethink their choices and reimagine their future.

As a School Assembly Speaker, Eddie’s primary mission is to partner with educators to help inspire students to believe and chase their dreams. His mission is to empower students to rise above their circumstances and fulfill their potential.

“Eddie is a gifted and enthusiastic communicator with superb presentation skills.”

Michelle B., High School Teacher


Eddie is convinced that when students stop believing in themselves they stop chasing their dreams.

In his presentation, Mr. Cortes will empower students to see past their limitations and strive for the impossible. Eddie will inspire them to believe and chase their dreams.

Students will learn:

✔️ to focus on what they can do
✔️ obstacles are opportunities
✔️ education is key to unlocking dreams

Eddie Cortes is currently booking dates for the Dare to Dream School Tour. To learn more about the school assembly click here.