“Wherever you are, at whatever age, you’re only a thought away from changing your life.” – Wayne Dyer


Our thoughts are powerful. They can sway our mood, deflate our self worth, or empower us to overcome life’s biggest obstacles.

For a long time, I was trapped by the mindset of a victim. Mother was a teenager when I was born. Father was an alcoholic. He was abusive, verbally and physically. But it was Father’s words that hurt most. As a child those words shaped what I thought about myself.

I thought I was worthless, insignificant, and good for nothing. My behavior proved Father’s words true, as I was heading towards a life much like his.

If you can relate, here’s the thing, you are only one thought away from a different life.

Regardless of your circumstances you are worthy of love, you are significant, and you have untapped potential.

It was those thoughts that changed my life and they have the power to change yours too.

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Eddie Cortes has dedicated his life to inspiring students to rise above their circumstances to fulfill their potential. His ability to engage an audience full of teenagers is uncanny, his story inspiring, and one your students would not want to miss.

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