Follow Your Calling

by | Jul 31, 2019

“Follow your calling, not the crowd.” – Anonymous


Have you ever felt the pressure to fit in at school? Have you ever compromised a position, a path, a value or a choice to be accepted among your classmates?

Welcome to the club. You and I, we, are social beings. Which means that at one time or another we have all struggled with the desire to fit in, to be liked, to be part of the crew or crowd. It’s normal. It means you are human.

When I am feeling the pressure to fit in, I ask myself, what will it cost to compromise who I am or what I want to pursue?

In other words, what am I sacrificing in the name of “fitting in”. Will it cost a friendship, my goals or dreams? Will I be sacrificing my integrity or authentic self?

My advice, when YOU are feeling this way: “Follow your calling, not the crowd!”

Pave your own way. Follow your heart, convictions, and instincts. Believe in your potential and chase your dreams. It may be risky and you’ll make mistakes but it WILL be worth it. 

At the end you are being true to your authentic self and everything that makes you… YOU.

Besides real friends accept their friends exactly the way they are. 

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